Helpful Hints - Excel – “Every Now and then, I Run into a Character!”

EVERY NOW AND THEN, I  RUN INTO A CHARACTER! Ever wanted to know what font styles and special characters reside on your computer? Try this:  Click your START menu, and choose RUN.  In the Run dialog box, type “Charmap” (without the quotes) and hit Enter (or click OK)!  It opens up the Windows character map!  We can now see what special characters are available in various font sets, select and copy special characters like © or £ for pasting somewhere else and even find out keyboard combinations for entering these characters!  Try doing the same with the words “calc”, “wordpad” or “mspaint” (instead of charmap) and instantly bring up the pc calculator, generic word processor or drawing program!

O’Shea Toran

O’Shea Toran is a certified and published professional facilitator of technology and business skills learning. He has achieved internal training certifications from such companies as ExecuTrain, Productivity Point International and Gateway Computers and has won numerous awards for excellence in training delivery. For the last 19 years, O’Shea has enjoyed training everything from computer courses to business skills seminars to tennis lessons since he is also a teaching pro certified by the USNTA.

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