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Is your company compliant? Is it tough training many employees in multiple locations? Are you paying far too much money for Policy and Procedure Manual printing and maintenance? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes", then share your challenge and Cynergy will offer customized online solutions to save costs, assist you in providing certification, and make YOU the company hero!

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Develop your own customized training seminars with automatic reminders, on-line testing along with tracking reports. Utilize your own trainers and content...leave the technology to us and avoid risk, reducing cost while reaching a vast audience.

Cynergy provides interactive, affordable online tools to assist you in staying compliant. Reach out to multitudes internally and remotely with a simple “click”.

Quickly create, offer, and track tests online. Ideal for Sales and Product training / testing certifications, and annual member / customer satisfaction surveys. Develop secure election polling, easy to conduct, distribute – paper free.
Provide community online discussion to address specific group issues; project team, weekly department updates, product assessments, new corporate benefits Q&A, interactive response to compliance seminars, etc.
E-Learning that adapts to your organization. 6 Phases that progresses from Preparation, Web Casting, Tests & Forums, Online Reports, Revision and finally to Post Recording.
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