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With an established online automated retention system in place, corporate officers can be confident that records created are retained according to policy, compliance and not according to employee discretion. An online automated retention system enables your enterprise to better leverage its visibility and control over the information provided to your employees.
Efficient – Affordable - Logical
Once documents are properly classified and secured you may update your P&P without the additional cost of printing. Maintain the integrity of critical procedures. i.e. Human Resources, Benefits, Sarbanes Oxley, HIIPA, etc
Save exorbitant printing costs of product schematics and service manuals, assign secure access and visibility to specific inviduals.
Centralize and consolidate multiple forms decreasing duplicity.
Provide easy access to marketing books resource, sales letters, flyers, email promotions, marketing and sales manuals.
Easy to maintain, update and distribute your company phone book, enterprise wide.
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